Who We Work With


We work with homeowners, architects, builders and contractors.

Whether you are a commercial or residential project builder needing to add some style to your project, or a home owner or DIY enthusiast wanting to give your home a facelift, or a real estate agent who wants to add value to a home that’s up for sale; Aerostone products are available to you. Our moulding specialists are at your service to provide you with product knowledge and advice you need when choosing the right moulding for your home.  We strive to provide affordable and aesthetically pleasing solutions to all our customers, no matter who they are.

Who we work with


Making home renovations easy for DIY home owners across WA Do you enjoy doing your own home maintenance or renovations? Is the exterior of your home looking a bit tired, or your house feels kind of boring? You don’t want to spend a fortune on renovations but you do want something fresh and different.We work with many DIY enthusiasts who come to us for affordable products that are easy to work with.  One of the huge benefits of Aerostone products is the ease of installation. You don’t ...

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Designers & Architects

Designers and architects trust our easily customisable mouldings to add character to their projects Designers and architects use our customised mouldings to add character, and create a unique look and feel for many of their projects. The capability to adapt and customise our products make them a popular choice, while their versatility allows them to suit a wide variety of styles.For information on Hebel building systems and products, visit www.linear-group.com.au

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Multi-residential Developers

Great additions to multi-residential developmentsDevelopers approach us for moulding products that are suited to characterising their multi-residential developments. A great addition to any unit development, our moulding products are the preferred solid choice because they provide reliable and cost-effective solutions whilst creating a unique look for each unit within a development.For information on Hebel building systems and products, visit www.linear-group.com.au

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Residential Builders

Supplying an extensive range of products to builders and contractors We supply and deliver an extensive range of our products to builders and contractors working on a variety of building sites across Australia. Our high quality architectural mouldings are made from CSR Hebel aerated concrete blocks. Solid right through, immensely durable, easily cut and installed, fire resistant, incredibly versatile, and weighing in at one fifth the weight of concrete, Aerostone is the appropriate material for...

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Real Estate Agents

Our products are recommended to property sellers by real estate agents Real Estate agents recommend our product range to clients looking to optimise the value of their property on sale. We can work with the client and the agent to design a set of applications that together can transform the appeal of a property and enable the owner’s to secure a relatively quick payback and return on their investment

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Home Owners

Making renovations easy for home owners If you’re  building a new home, or are looking to improve your existing one, view our wide range of products, designed to give your home style and character, and engineered to last a life time. Aerostone’s standard product range has a wide variety of moulding styles to choose from but if you can’t find what you’re looking for, we can design a moulding that is suited to your particular style. Contact one of our representatives today to find ...

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