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Add character and strength to your home with aerated concrete mouldings

Define the look of your home with Aerostone mouldings

Your front façade is often the first thing buyers see on your property. No matter how amazing your house is on the inside, people will judge it first from the outside, which is why your front facade is so important. Improvements made to this area of a property can yield massive returns in more ways than one – higher property value, buyer confidence in the property and the ability to sell or rent your property quicker.

We manufacture all our products using aerated concrete, which is shaped to help create a unique style for your home, shop or commercial property. With more than 18 years’ experience in the industry, we have established ourselves as a reliable supplier of high-quality products, which will change the way your home looks and feels, adding value to it at the same time. Find out more.

Durable, Stable & Attractive

Aerostone is a solid product made from aerated concrete; it differs from polyurethane and polystyrene products, which have a solid outer shell but a softer material inside. This means our product is more durable and stable than competitor products. It can withstand harsh environmental conditions such as high temperatures, bushfires and storms, reducing the need to replace mouldings over time. Installed on masonry with our own formulated adhesive, giving you a permanent fixture for the life of your home.

Short turn-around time

Because we make everything in-house, our products have a relatively quick turn-around time, which allows us to meet urgent building deadlines, and supply products with a short amount of notice. Some of our products can be produced in four to five days. Standard product lines can be produced in one day. Many other products need time to dry and set as they are changing state, whereas our products begin from a dry block and are produced as a dry block, we simply shape the block to your liking.

Unlimited moulding designs

By offering an expansive number of moulding designs to suit the styles of a huge variety of residential and commercial properties, we are confident you will find something to suit your needs. In addition, we provide installation services to fit mouldings to the exterior of your home or property. We can also include installation training for DIY home owners and building contractors, if required.

Custom Mouldings

Aerostone’s standard product range has a wide variety of styles to choose from but if you can’t find what you’re looking for, we can design a custom moulding that is suited to your particular style. Contact one of our representatives today to find out how we can deliver the perfect finish for your home.

Why choose Aerostone?

  • Customised: can be shaped and styled to suit any customer design or specifications and is compatible with masonary based construction.
  • 100’s of applications: a large range of products with a wide range of uses.
  • Quick turnaround: short lead times in manufacturing and installation
  • Light weight: weighs 1/5 of normal concrete or brick, but feels just as strong.
  • Reliable: no ongoing maintenance issues that are common to polyurethane and polystyrene products.
  • Durable: solid, with a long product life. Standard 7-year warranty on all products.
  • Value for money: add great value to your exterior makeover.
  • Expert product advice: our specialist team at Aerostone offers design and building expertise to customers during the product selection process.
  • Easy to use: Aerostone is easily carved, shaped and sanded; installation is also simple, and typically takes 1/2 day to 1 day. We also offer installation services to residential and commercial customers and/or training if required.
  • Eco-friendly: Aerostone is created from an energy efficient based product and is not a synthetic or chemical based material.
  • 100% Australian made: meets Australian building standards and can be delivered to any location within Australia.

Contact our knowledgeable staff for more advice.


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