Stone Specialists – Keystones

Aerostone supplies a stunning range of feature keystones, art deco keystones, rustic keystones, plain keystones, rebated keystones and splayed keystones. We also offer profiled keystones for added intricacy!

What is a keystone?
In the past, a keystone was the central block at the top of an arch designed to lock the structure in place. Today, the keystone is a primarily decorative feature you can use to highlight windows, archways, doorways, porticos and garage openings.

What is Aerostone?
Aerostone is a lightweight, environmentally friendly, 100% customisable aerated concrete product that can be applied to exterior surfaces. With the look and feel of filled concrete, but at only 1/5th the weight, it’s easy to handle and install yourself! Aerostone is also:

  • Durable and resilient
  • Weather-resistant
  • Bushfire and heat resistant
  • 100% customisable

Enjoy peace of mind knowing we have over 18 years’ experience as an authorised producer and distributor of Aerostone products – plus, all Aerostone products come with a 7-year warranty. Because we manufacture all of our Aerostone products in-house, our products have a quick turnaround time and can usually be produced within one day.

Looking to add a keystone to your property? Get an Aerostone quote today!