At Aerostone we love for our clients to see visually what they are getting and the quality of the products. We have created our moulds from Hebel and are currently the only business in the world that can offer these moulds with as much variety and flexibility as we do. The technical expertise to create the moulds was developed in Perth Western Australia by our founding Managing Director Bruno Staltari

This page will show a whole range of videos on why Aerostone Hebel moulds are the best moulding products, please enjoy.


Our latest video showing how flammable poly/EPS moulds are. May need to question what is being applied to your home.

(1) We love the backyard testers, Dads Garage gives us a simple video showing the fire qualities of the material we use to produce our moulds. 30 minutes being exposed to a gas torch, no toxic smoke, no flames and no spreading of the fire.

(2) This video is extreme, an oxy-acetylene torch being applied directly to a Hebel block. No problems with toxic smoke, flame spread or even the transfer of heat to the other side of the block. This is why our moulds are chosen by builders around Australia.

TPS or Twin Panel system is our revolutionary construction system using Hebel wall panels to create a home that is pleasing to look at and has the green credentials to satisfy any homeowner.

Welcome to our technical videos that show the ease at which our moulds can be installed to your home.