Architectural Mouldings – Banding

Aerostone supplies lightweight architectural mouldings perfect for creating banding on any exterior. Whether you’re after plain banding, rebated banding, stepped banding, chamfered banding or splayed banding, we’ve got you covered!

What is banding?
Not sure what banding is? Don’t fret! Banding is a protruding lineal moulding that can be applied to the exterior of a building to create clean line breaks across the surface. This helps to break up a flat, bland expanse and bring a touch of intricacy to the facade of your home or business.

What is Aerostone?
We manufacture all our Aerostone from CSR Hebel aerated concrete blocks. Aerated concrete is lightweight, durable, stable, heat-resistant, and bushfire rated. Because it’s just 1/5th the weight of regular concrete, you can cut, lift and install it yourself with nothing more than a handsaw.

You can see some examples of banding below:

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