All our products are machined from CSR Hebel blocks (Autoclave Aerated Concrete).

The products are effectively tiled onto masonry backgrounds including brick walls or clean renders. For other surfaces, construction adhesives and fixings will need to be used.

Always have a continuous bead of adhesive to the perimeter edges to stop moisture getting to the back. Apply the adhesive like your wiping off a butter knife and make sure it’s in lines or bobs, not smeared and low.

Just like Hebel blocks the moulds are easily cut with a hand saw. They can also be worked with rasp, sanding blocks, files and chisels.

All the joins, patches and repairs should be filled with the Aerostone adhesive. Allow to dry for 3-4 hrs, but no more than 24hrs, then sand with a sanding block or an off-cut of Aerostone product until you reach the desired finish.

Once the joins have been sanded and you are happy with the appearance of the raw moulds, we recommend a Render Finish Acrylic paint e.g. Dulux Acrasand.

Simply cut the section you want to remove, and chisel the section off. Be careful not to damage the section on either side. Paint the ends exposed if they are visible.