Window Sill Mouldings

Stunning exterior mouldings for your window sill

Drawing on more than a decade of building experience, Aerostone has pushed the envelope in terms of exterior architectural mouldings design. Made from highly durable and versatile Hebel blocks, our exterior mouldings are ideal for windows, ledges and stunning architectural accents. Contact our team for a quote today.

Strong & Affordable

Our profiled concrete window sills are made from Hebel, which is renowned for being a strong, lightweight construction material. And because it has a low density, it’s faster to install and has an enviable compressive strength.

 Australia’s Concrete Window Sill Supplier

With more and more emphasis being placed on sourcing environmentally-conscious building products, little wonder why Australian builders are turning to Aerostone as their window sill supplier. What’s more, all products come with a 7-year warranty as standard.

Concrete Window Sills, Ideal For DIY

Because of Aerostone’s light-weight composition, our concrete architectural moulding sills are perfect for those looking for a DIY solution. Strong and visually-pleasing, Aerostone window sills provide a professional finish that not only looks great but helps to prevent water ingress.

Bespoke Solutions

Aerostone’s range of profiled concrete window sills isn’t just limited to what you’ll find in our gallery. Because of our innovative and patented system, we’re able to manufacture exterior mouldings for windows in just about any shape, size or style.  So if you’re looking for something truly unique that will enhance the character of your home and add value to the property, be sure to contact us today.

Quality & Speed

When you choose Aerostone as your concrete window sill supplier, you’re choosing a building product that can be installed faster without sacrificing on quality. In addition to speeding up the construction process, Aerostone profiled concrete window sills will add value throughout the lifespan of the building.

Why Aerostone?

There are many advantages to using aerated concrete window sills over similarly priced alternatives.

  • Affordable: Because it’s made from hard-wearing aerated concrete, it lasts longer than other products which means less maintenance and better value for your home.
  • Durable: By choosing Aerostone, you’re getting a 7-year warranty on all products as standard.
  • Fast turnaround: Using an exclusive machine, we’re able to shape and supply window mouldings within industry-leading times.

If you’re thinking about exterior concrete window sill replacement or would like to find out pricing for our window sill mouldings, be sure to get in touch with our team today.