About Us

18 Years of industry experience

Aerostone is the producer and distributor of high quality architectural mouldings made from CSR Hebel aerated concrete blocks.

Established in 2004 by owner and Managing Director Bruno Staltari, Aerostone was formed after CSR Hebel approached Mr. Staltari to install their aerated concrete blocks as moulds on the exteriors of residential homes. Over the years, Aerostone products have become an accepted and recognised system in the Western Australian residential market, servicing clients such as Dale Alock, Plunkett Homes, and Zorzi Group for many years.

Previously operating under Linear Architectural Systems, the Aerostone product became so successful that the idea to create a company dedicated to this product and service came about, and Aerostone was formed.

Linear Architectural Systems

Linear Architectural Systems was established in 1997 and provides a wide range of architectural product and services, adding value with their knowledge and expertise to find solutions for clients’ individual needs. They supply a range of clients including homeowners, builders, architects, supplying affordable solutions for residential, commercial and civil projects.

For information on our Hebel building systems and products, visit www.linear-group.com.au

Affordable and High Quality Products

Aerostone has been manufacturing products for more than 15 years, and have received much praise for our products’ finish, performance, and cost. We not only stand by our products, but you’ll be amazed to see that after the three-day curing period, we can also stand on our product.

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