The builders choice in architectural mouldings

As a manufacturer and distributor of architectural mouldings, we understand how important it is for builders to use a moulding product that’s versatile, durable, and easy to install. Aerostone products are superior to synthetic moulding products in many ways and will make your job quicker, more cost effective and less stressful.

Solid right through, immensely durable, easily cut and installed, fire resistant, incredibly versatile, and weighing in at one fifth the weight of concrete, Aerostone is the ideal choice for external mouldings. 100% Australian made, Aerostone offers an infinite number of moulding designs to suit the many styles of residential and commercial projects.

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What are you paying for?

Aerostone mouldings are a premium product, designed to give you quality and longevity for the lifetime of the building. There is no other moulding product on the market that will stand the test of time like Aerostone can. Our standard 7-year warranty is testament to this, and we have a long history of customers whose mouldings are still in tact after 10 years or more.

Aerostone products can withstand harsh environmental conditions such as high temperatures, bushfires and storms, birds and insects, reducing the need to replace mouldings over time and saving you money.

Durable and stable

Aerostone moulds are made from CSR Hebel aerated concrete blocks. Our mouldings differ from polyurethane and polystyrene products, which have a solid outer shell but a softer material inside. This means our product is more durable and stable than competitor products.

Quick lead time

Because we make everything in-house, our products have a relatively quick turn-around time, which allows us to meet urgent deadlines, and supply products with a short amount of notice. Standard product lines can be produced in one day and our custom products can be produced in four to five days. Many other products, such as synthetics, need time to dry and set as they are changing state, whereas our products begin from a dry block and are produced as a dry block, we simply shape the block to your liking.

Masonry compatible

Unlike synthetics, all of our products are compatible with masonry backgrounds. Applied as a solid fix with Aerostone Adhesive, our products are literally tiled onto masonry backgrounds, making them longer lasting and permanent.

Easy to work with

Aerostone products can be sanded or filled to overcome alignment issues with a background before painting. They can be shaped to suit, with no fear of exposed core material, unlike synthetics which have an outer skin that cannot be worked or sanded.

Our moulds are easy to work with. They can be cut with hand saws – no power tools required. And even if the cut isn’t perfect, it isn’t critical because all joins can be filled and sanded.

Aerostone products can be cut for future services – for example, a new down pipe – with no impact on future performance. Synthetic products can also be cut but the ends will need to be sealed and coated, otherwise they will degrade with UV light and elements.

Eco friendly

Hebel is light on the environment, produced with less than a quarter of the resources and raw materials in its manufacture than other masonry products. Hebel has been awarded the Good Environmental Choice Australia label in recognition of its significantly reduced environmental impact.

Stable joins

Aerostone joins are stable, solid and are part of the wall structure, as opposed to synthetics which are a dissimilar product and are planted onto the wall. Synthetics will always move independently to the wall over time due to environmental forces, causing it to crack and break.

The finishing touch

Aerostone products are recommended to be painted or undercoated with a render finish acrylic or any compound and finish that can be applied to masonry. This is a much more cost-effective alternative to synthetics, which require a full boded finish, as well as a sealing with a Two Pack undercoat to avoid peeling.

Aerostone products are available Australia wide. Our products are easy to install and installation training can be included for building contractors if required.

Choose a reliable, cost-effective and easy to use moulding product for your next project. For more information contact us at or (08) 9258 9388.